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Studentförbundet För Socialt Arbete i Stockholm (SSAS) is the student association at the department of Social Work at Stockholm University. Our main mission is to make sure the quality of the education keeps a high standard and that all students are treated well.

 In order to monitor the education and the student rights SSAS have representatives in several decision making bodies within the department and the university, as well as having a frequent dialouge with the directors of undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

SSAS strives to make your time at the department of Social Work fun and meaningful through different social activities. We believe that students will get more out of the education when the student community is flourishing.

SSAS wants to make sure the environment at the department of Social Work is an inclusive one. Therefore a studentombudsman and a ombudsman for gender equality are around to help you if you feel mistreated in the educational program.

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As a member in SSAS you will get access to several benefits and services:

  • Student discount on public transportation. With your student association membership card, you can use SL's (Stockholm transportation system) tickets for students.
  • Student housing. A possibility to get a student accommodation through the students' own housing company in Stockholm.
  • Access to the student association kitchen. The kitchen has a fridge and microwaves for your lunchboxes. You can also store your personal tee/coffee cup there. You can use the sink to make your dishes and there is plates and knifes/forks if you need to borrow.
  • Cheap coffee. If you are being influenced by the Swedish coffee culture and broke by all the "fika", get your coffee from SSAS at a low price!
  • Rent storage locker. As a member you can rent a storage locker where you can put your heavy litterature and other personal belongings so you don't have to carry them between home and the department every day.

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